Blu Ivy Lane Development Brand

A comprehensive brand for a local real estate development. The process started by coming up with the logo for the name “Blu Ivy”. I decided that contrast would be my best friend here and it would do best to gain someone’s attention. After the logo was created, next was the brand. The name “Blu Ivy” said foliage and greenery to me, so I opted for exactly that. The main imagery throughout the brand would be plant-life and it’s integration into our society. After this came the website design; visit the completed website by clicking¬†here. I opted for a very minimalistic layout with few pages. Originally designed as a one-page site, it made more sense to migrate to multi-page when more photos and drawings came in. The feeling of the site didn’t change, however.¬† Last was the large-format signage. This was designed last because it would be most viewed by the public and we wanted the brand cemented-in before we tackled this. I sound like a broken record here, but what I focused on most was minimalism. This was achieved through strong typography, strategic placement of graphics, and a cohesive colour palette.

Brand Identity, Layout & Print, Web & Mobile