Department Development Poster

The objective here was to draw a crowd to an open house that a school department was hosting. The big challenge was the muddled brand of this department. It had no visual consistency, no core brand identity, and no target demographic. To challenge things further, this mostly had to be built based off this poster. To create a welcoming and open brand, I used bright colours and fun shapes. It gives off the vibe of openness, but professionalism. Next on the poster is a two-column block of text explaining what the event was about and then very clear information of where it was taking place. To end it off, the existing logo is seen large – filling up almost half the poster – as the logo was rarely ever used by the department and they wanted it emphasized the most. They came out of the open house with a full-crowd and a clear idea of what they wanted their brand to be.

Brand Identity, Layout & Print