Granville Island Brewing Beer Label

Definitely the most fun I’ve had on a project. A local brewery was looking for label designs for their new line of craft beer: the West Coast Pale Ale. Being a west-coaster, I put on some Beach Boys tunes, threw up a hang-loose sign, and jumped on this project. The process here was to first pick a colour palette of blues and oranges. Next was to search for fitting typography – fun and laid back, with a complimentary typeface to seal the deal. Last was the fun part – coming up with the shape and design. The bottle on the left is a transition from sun to water to shore. This encapsulates the stereotypical “west-coast” imagery. The bottle in the middle is pure sun with warm colours and bold typography taking the lead. And the bottle on the right (the fan-favourite), is a sun reflecting on shimmering water. These hit the mark when it comes to the message of the bottles and the feelings the Granville Island Brewery was going for when someone drank their craft beer.

Layout & Print, Packaging