Monthly Intel Report Redesign

When I was brought onboard at Exceeds, they already had an existing monthly Intel Report which delved into the data and analysis of Metro Vancouver’s submarkets. There were a few problems I noticed with the old report. First was that the viewer had three pages dedicated to only one submarket forcing them to flip back and forth to review information. The next problem was an overabundance of data; I worked closely with the Intel & Feasibility manager to narrow down the information that the reader wanted to see, and I redesigned the graphs to make more sense. The last problem was the brand identity – the old report didn’t necessarily align with the Exceeds brand, so I had to take a step back and ask myself what I could do to fix this. By redesigning this report, I changed all of the submarkets to be on one page causing less confusion and substantially decreasing the page count, I lowered the file size to a point that the report could fit in an email attachment, I made the submarkets data and analysis easy to read and relevant, and I matched the new design to the brand guidelines set out by Exceeds. Additionally, I created reports in both Chinese (Mandarin) and Punjabi allowing for a wider audience. You can check out the new report here, or visit Exceeds official blog and view them starting from October 2017 onwards.

Brand Identity, Layout & Print