Non-Profit Logo Design

Being given an outdated and, frankly, hideous existing logo, the task here was to revitalize and restore a broken brand (see Non-Profit Brand Guide for more details). The first step was to create a strong logo that conveys the meaning of the organization. Literally, it is a search and rescue organization. Metaphorically, it is an organization set out to protect and accommodate the public’s need for adventure. This is displayed through the creation of the letter “N” with tree’s knocked-out on it to form it’s shape. Green is the go-to colour for anythings outdoors and made the most sense for this design. Next is the phrase “North Shore Rescue” to the right with the core word “Rescue” emphasized. A good logo design can stem from many things, but none more so from a scalable design. It has to look good as a tiny favicon, as an embroidered patch on a shirt, as a header on stationery, or as a blow-up version on a large sign – and this logo achieves exactly that.

Brand Identity