Opus Product Launch

This was definitely the biggest project in my career when it launched. It was an all-encompassing project that challenged me in every way it could. The heart of the launch was the product packaging that I created. Magnum was (and still is) recreating all of their products into a new “chrome series” with fancy bottles and new designs. The first in the series to get redesigned was Opus – their intra-workout powder. One of it’s biggest selling points is its unique candy flavour so we spent all lot of our focus drawing attention to it. We wanted really clean and clear packaging that would stand out on a shelf so we ended up creating a clear label with foils/print on it to show as much of the chrome bottle as possible. After the packaging we focussed on social media, emailers, printed material, and videos (see below). Spearheading this Opus launch was huge for me and it led to me taking the lead on the entire rebrand project. I’ve rebranded 5 products (and counting) and have been overjoyed with the response to them.

Brand Identity, Layout & Print, Packaging, Web & Mobile