Pre-Fo Magazine Ad

Status Fitness Magazine is one of the biggest fitness magazines in Canada, so when they asked for an ad for the back cover of their magazine, I jumped all over the opportunity. This was an ad created for Magnum’s Pre-Workout, Pre-Fo. Similar to what I’ve talked about for Opus on that page, our emphasis on Pre-Fo was very flavour focussed. I achieved this by putting lots of candies at the bottom and water splashing up. The other emphasis (since this is a pre-workout) is the high energy feeling you get when you take it so the photo of the athlete lifting the bar fit perfectly. This project was another big one for me as this was the first time my work was published in a magazine. I ended up creating numerous ads inside this issue that all got glowing reviews which made me quite proud of my work with Status Fitness Magazine.

Brand Identity, Layout & Print