Who’s Next Album Cover Redesign

The Who were a band that stood for intensity, originality, and self-expression. They defined a generation and are, to this day, one of the few bands that have withstood the test of time. One of my favourite projects was redesigning their Who’s Next album cover. The design is shown with Roger Daltrey looking towards the sky. The choice of using flat graphics instead of photos came from the idea that The Who advocated being whoever you want to be. It’s not literal – they wanted their audience to express themselves and not be defined by a mold. Their audience is all Roger Daltrey, in a sense, and that’s why I chose not to define many features (other than that glorious hair of his). Next, the colours used are that of the existing logo that were made to represent the British flag. There’s nothing else on the cover, no clutter, no excess decorations, no time wasted; just pure, unadulterated, self-expression.

Layout & Print, Packaging